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Somerset House Future producers x superflux

Welcome to the tree to treasure trail! Answer the riddles to find out the location of our sapling sisters. Immerse yourself in nature and visit them. Discover the riches each space has to offer. Learn how to care for the sapling sisters and it's surrounding siblings. Nurture it's growth for years to come as we grow with the heavens we call home. 

Tree to Treasure Trail 

When you find a Sister sapling, take a picture of you with it and tag @createconscious & @somersethouse #treetotreasuretrail


Just beside London lives a forest famous for it's bluebells, This handsome Haven is home to many Hawthorne trees. 


Location 2

Home to the Celtic Tree of life, It's no wonder the forest feels so alive. Hornbeam trees stretching up towards the sun. If you find Rowans, You'll find our one.

Location 1


Location 3

Within our concrete Jungle lies a splash of love, life and laughter. The Elder tree protects these streets with it's powerful properties. Submerged in a recreational park at the centre of north London's Hart.


Location 4

In the Heart of East London lays a 1 acre piece of heaven, home to endangered bats and host to a fox family. All things you see from ground to tree has medicinal or edible properties. Forage for riches from the land and give back by donating energy. Contribute to the life of a fruitful forest garden.

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