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Browse the Workshops, Bundles and production services we have to offer. 
All of our events and workshops carry the principles of Create Conscious Community.  So can be customised to best suit your needs, with your audience in mind.



Aura Craft Solo Session

This workshop involves a guided art based meditation that encourages exploration into their intuition, inner thoughts, expression, and intentions. Using poetic prompts to spark experimentation, intuitive actions and reflective thoughts.
Capacity: 2+
Duration: 1 Hour
Price: £150



Master of all the elements

Guided movement meditation that uses the elements of water, fire, air and earth to set intentions, create a foundation for manifesting and reflect on the actions that brought them to the workshop physically and mentally. Incorporating circus props to make live movement art, and kaleidoscope glasses to distort perception with added geometry and colours - workshop in a dance studio is ideal.
Capacity: 6 +
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: £250



Workshop creating and tasting tea blends to suit different purposes be it menstruation, relaxation, immunity, ceremony or manifestation.
Serving knowledge about the cultural, medicinal and spiritual properties of all the teas. Interweaving foraged herbs and leaves as well. Guests leaves with their own personalised tea blend.

Capacity: 10-20
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Price: £250


Find Your Flow

Poetry (writing & performance) workshop that encourages an intuitive flow of thought and speech. Experiences include the opening of the throat and heart chakra, awareness of somatic( physical) blockages in your confidence, identify and overcome. Solo and group writing that uses meditative and interactive tools to draw energy , connection and confidence. Instruments included to connect with Jam without words, for the non verbal
- Headphones needed. Instruments optional

Capacity: 10-20

Duration: 3 hours

Price: £250


Aura craft Group Session

This workshop is designed to connect the people in the space on a deeper, multifaceted and holistic level. Turning answers from questions into art that symbolises an experience. Participants ask each other questions that probe introspection, exploration and awareness of oneself to create a symbolic portrait.
Capacity: 6 - 30
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Price: £200


Guide to manifestation

Begins with an Aura craft meditation. Followed by a  written workshop setting intentions in specific areas of life from personal development and careers to fun and well being. Then use these notes to create an artistic & symbolic mind map to refer to moving forward.
-Ideal for students, young people, and anyone looking to initiate change in their life. 

Capacity: 2+
Duration: 2 Hours

Price: £150



Creating stencils from different leaves from trees and plants, learning about their properties, and painting them onto surfaces for future generations to see.

Capacity: 5+

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: £250

Workshop Bundles

Aura Craft solo Activity + Guide to Manifestation : £300
Capacity: 2+
Duration: 3 hours


Aura Craft Group/Activity + Find your flow: £350
Capacity: 10
+ people
Duration: 3 hours

Aura Craft Group Activity + THTeas : £350 
Capacity: 6
Duration: 3.5 hours

Aura Craft Group Activity + Hyrographics : £400
Capacity: 5
Duration: 3 Hours

Production Package

 Event producer Cherece Lucina will create personalised bespoke events for your organisation. See the table below for what is included in the production package. 


The final price is dependent on capacity and expenses. 
Please get in touch via the contact form to request a quote. 

Mindful Permaculture  Climate Change Conversation (Instagram Post (Square)) (1).png

I’ve been to many workshops over the past 30yrs and none has matched the incredible experience I had today at the ( Plant Medicine ) Mushroom Magic event curated by the excellent “Create Conscious” team. Such an incredible vibe and interesting mix of wonderful people. I was truly absorbed by what Lloyd @kiyogabluu had to say about mushrooms being therapeutic/ Isabella @rightsforweeds so eloquently spoke about the healing effects elderberries and the polypore mushroom / Michael @mobileapothecary told us all about the benefits of fire cider tonic that you could throw a few medicinal shrooms in for an extra immunity boost. The afternoon just flew by and I came home with my goodies and a new found enthusiasm to find out more about these people, what they do and how !! Plus I came away with some new friends that I met there. This is part of my journey into learning about the broad spectrum of mushrooms that exist, that can be grown locally and used as a medicine. My story is only just beginning….. @createconsciouscommunity
@TessaC1234 - Healing Herbalism Mushroom Magic

Robb Walters


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