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Renegade Urban Growers

As part of our Mindful Permaculture theme, we’ve started Renegade Urban Growers project which we’ve co-created with members of the community to provide online and physical resources that empowers people to grow their own organic medicinal herbs and food sustainably and ethically, whilst equipping them with knowledge about the historical, cultural, spiritual and medicinal aspects of plants. We’re teaming up with teachers, facilitators and organisations to bring this information and access to amazing spaces to grow, to you.

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Healing Herbalism

Donate and Download the Full Recording of Healing Herbalism: Spring Zing with Rebecca Lazerou and Mobile Apothecary. Including a tutorial for foraging 3 spring plants, turning those into medicine, and a presentation about their medicinal and biological effects on the body.


Healing Herbalism: Mushroom Magic


Somerset House x Future Producers
Hope In the Heat 

Create Conscious Community presents: Tree to Treasure Trail

Aura Craft : Pocket Meadows 

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