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Using a range of approaches to well being such as herbal plant medicines, harnessing astral energy, arts and craft, humour, and movement to meditate. Take home what resonates with you! Let’s celebrate the different approaches to spirituality and well being as well as honour the cultures who created tools to help us do so.

Check out photos from our first nurture event 



Full Moon Workshop

Strawberry full moon in Sagitarius June 5th 2020. Journals at the ready to journey with Feven and unlock answers to questions you haven’t asked yourself. This workshop might bring clarity to your healing process, or help guide you to fulfil your intentions. Though this work shop was for a previous full moon, the workshops may still resonate with many people. Anyone looking for a guided exercise for introspection, We would recommended engaging with the workshop as the video plays. Follow Feven at @bass.intl , @fevenem https://www.blackandafricansolidarity...


Understanding alchemy

Understanding Alchemy with Gregory Gregori aka. the Alchemist, scientist and mystic speaks of the spiritual power of plants! By remembering the ancient art of plant remedies and the power of spirit guidance to heal and deepen our connection to ourselves and each other. The magic is real! Listen to this testimony that encourages us to engage with our wild world and create ways to connect with it on a spiritual level. For more information on foraging sustainable and the biological effects of plants in the body. Follow Alchemystica on facebook and ask questions till your hearts content.




Chakra based movement meditation

Dirish Shaktidas is a London based yoga teacher immersed in the world of holistic healing. Leading a strawberry full moon in sagitarius influenced movement mediation. In the height of upheaval last year around the world. we take gratitude in collaborating with Dirish. As he is internationally trained by world renowned teachers he has been practicing yoga and movement meditation for over ten years. Dirish combines his deep knowledge of movement, mindful meditation and sound. With his unique blend of Shakti Dance, Yin Yoga and Eastern Philosophy he creates an inspiring, inclusive and elevating setting. Get moving with this movement meditation designed to wake up the body, release tension and align chakral energy for peace and balance. Follow on Instragram for more meditations, workshops and mini seminars discussing astrology Chakras and more​ Check out his website for more updates

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