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Location 1

You guessed it!
Hainault Forest!

Hainault country forest park is a 334 acre piece of land that stretches from Epping forest in essex to Romford and redbridge. At a survey taken during Henry VIII era, it measured up to 3000 acres wide. However, in 1817 it was declared 'waste' and deforestation for agriculture and buildings replaced the space. After public pressure, 804 acres of land was bought for public use, including 253 acres of woodland and rough pasture. 
luckily for us, that means it can still home 158 different types of birds,  badgers, moles, bats, deer, butterflies and more! As well as a diverse range of insets, plants and fungi. Not to mention to spooky monster trail, with lots of characters carved from trees bursting out the ground. 
It's a magical forest with lots to discover. Take time in the forest once you've found our sister saplings and nurture your nature. 

Sister Sapling 2: Cherece 

Description: I am a Wild Cherry Tree. My leaves are green oval, pleated and have jagged edges.  In autumn, they tan and turn slightly orange and crimson. I get the best of both worlds and embody the masculine and feminine. It allows me to grow gorgeous white flowers in clusters of 2 to 6. They're shaped like wide cups and have 5 petals. I bare berries in spring after pollination. Because of this, birds, bees and badgers just love me. 

Care instructions: I love sunbathing, so give me plenty of light, and I'll live my best life. I lovingly accept offerings of water, especially in summer.

Medicinal properties: The resin from my bark can be used topically to treat wounds by preventing inflammation. And I'm helpful in natural skin creams to treat skin conditions like eczema and acne. Though am bitter to eat, I promote digestive fluids and help nutrients get absorbed as a result. Turn my bark into a syrup or tincture, and save me for sick days as I largely supress coughing. I have a mild sedative effect, open airways and dry mucus. 

Spiritual properties: Due to my medicinal effects, I collaborate with Native American tribes and Chinese Herbalists. In Uk Highland folklore, It was once rare to encounter a tree like me but ever more encouraging in the power of fate.

Historical context: I am native to North America , but can be found in to the UK and Western Asia.

Sister Sapling Name: Thornton

Description: I am a Black Hawthorne, My bark is dark and sharp with thorns. My leaves are oval shaped. Keep me around and i'll home many types of birds and wild life. I blossom beautiful white flowers with 5 petals. They will blossom before my leaves, unlike my siblings Hawthorne whom bloom after. 

Care instructions: I humbly ask you help to hydrate me, especially in summer where less rain falls on leaves. Until I am strong enough to stand on my own, I need your protection from scooby doos, looking for clues, and using me to think and chew!

Medicinal properties: You can use my bark, flowers and fruit to make tonics and syrups. I have blood cleansing properties, aid digestion and support bone and joint movement. 

Spiritual properties: There is some mystery to me, as i've been used magically, by witches and warlocks for centuries. I carry energy, from the earth and the trees, and provide healing remedies.

Historical context: I'm native to Europe and western Asia

Sustainable treatment: Though I have many skills and I love to share them, I want to continue supporting the birds and bees that rely on me. So please be sparing when you forage from me, and I'll continue supporting you all year round. 

Surrounding Sibling  2: 

Description: I am a Hornbeam Tree. I have deeply pleated green leaves and sharp edges that make the shape of an oval. I bare fruit and flowers. I make catkin flowers and these help spread my pollen. They are my male and female reproductive organ which makes me a strong independent tree. After pollination, my female catkins bare fruit. they're like a fabulous dress made from thinner oval shaped leaves that curve and flare out into a bell shape. They're commonly known as samaras. These turn brown in winter, but tend to hang on throughout. 

Care instructions: I am tall and strong, and fairly resistant to damage from natural causes. So treat me as you would treat my siblings, with general respect for my presence. I have strong wood so ask first, if you need some of me for art. 

Medicinal properties: You can collaborate with my flowers to make bach flower remedies, they're helpful for tiredness and mental exhaustion. As my leaves are haemostatic, they can be used topically to stop bleeding and heal wounds. Additionally, when my leaves are distilled in water, they make an effective eye treatment for issues like conjunctivitis, dry or soreness. Or if taken as a tea, I can help fights common colds and congestion. And I provide an alternative relief to paracetamol for menstrual cramps and even assist in its regulation

Spiritual properties: Due to the properties of the hornbeam tree, connecting with it's powers reflect stability, confidence, strong foundations and motivation. It's ability to relieve pain enough to allow the body use it's energy for higher purposes show the hornbeam as a reliable multifaceted companion that is generous  with it's gifts to all creatures it supports.

Historical context: I am native to south of the UK but you can find me everywhere. I've also have indigenous ties around Europe and western Asia. I have been used for practical reason like fire wood or furniture for thousands of years across many communities.

Sustainable treatment: Though I have many skills and I love to share them, I want to continue supporting the birds and bees that rely on me. So please be sparing when you forage from me, and I'll continue supporting you all year round. 

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