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Location 2

You guessed it!
Trent Park/ oakwood 

Trent park country park is 320 acres of land that stretches from Oakwood to Cockfosters and encapsulates a obelisk, ornamental lakes, a water garden, farmland, an equestrian centre  and a golf course. There is also a camel moat near the Hadley road entrance which is presumed to have a ghostly presence of Dick Turpin. Our favourite entrance takes you down the beautiful road of snakes lane, tempting with gorgeous pocket forests to get lost in on the way. Until you reach the end and enter the park, finding the beautiful obelisk and walking down the row of lime trees. This spot at the top of the hill produces a gorgeous view and most breath-taking sunrise. Head into the cluster of trees at the bottom to surround yourself in hornbeams, oaks and wigwams reflective of the magic of these woods and the sacred gatherings that occur here. It's a magical forest with lots to discover. Take time in the forest once you've found our sister saplings and nurture your nature. 

Sister Sapling Name: Kaede 

Description: I am a Field Maple Tree, My twigs are slender and brown, and develop a corky texture with age. whilst my bark is light brown and flaky. I can grow up to 20 meters tall.  My leaves have the famous five lobes and are green and shiny. Their edges are rounded. In autumn they turn to a rich golden yellow. You might spot my siblings in the Canadian flag as we have a similar leaf and are from the same family. I also have flowers which hang in clusters and appear to have male and female reproductive parts. They have short green stems with green and yellow ball shaped flowers at the end. After pollination, my flowers grow into wide wings that get dispersed by the wind. Often to referred to as helicopter seeds as they resemble propellers.  I am often confused with a sycamore tree or the Norway maple. A helpful reminder is to remember my rounded leaf edges, much unlike their sharper leaf edges.

Medicinal & edible properties: Though my leaves are popular, I am most known for my sap, which when the water is boiled off, forms are tasty syrup. A common replacement for sugar, and delicious on pancakes


Spiritual properties: Maple is feminine in nature, it relates to energy from the moon ( representative of the soul and capacity for reflection and adaptation) and Jupiter (representative of benevolence, success and expansiveness). It is also often related to water; just as the moon influences the waves in our seas, water is thus believed to contain this energy absorbed from the moon. Using maple bark, leaves or shrubs in ritual can help connect you to these sentiments of self reflection, love and abundance. 

Historical context: I am the only maple tree native to the UK.  Though I have indigenous roots in Asia, I can be found in  Canada, America, Europe and Africa. I am planted in many places from hedgerows to parks and woods. I tolerate pollution well and stand out in autumn for my colour changing leaves. 


Sustainable treatment: As I am popular for the sap that I seep, I can be exploited. I love to grow and provide shelter, food and supplies for all the creatures that need me, like moths, caterpillars, birds and bees. Keep me alive and healthy, and I'll live for 350 years. 

Sister Sapling Name: Demons Bane

Description: I am a Rowan Tree, My Bark is grey with tones of silver.  And my leaf buds are purple and hairy. My leaves are like feathers, long, oval shaped and toothed. They are called leaflets and can be found on stems with 5-8 leaves on each side, as well as one at the top. My flowers have both male and female parts. They hang out in dense clusters with creamy white flowers with 5 petals. After successful pollination, my flowers turn into fruits. a beautiful red scarlet berry. Birds eat me and disperse my seeds. My berries are also eaten my humans, though very sour I am often turned into jam. 

Care instructions: I lovingly accept water so I may stay hydrated in the summer. 

Medicinal properties: As I am Rich in vitamin C, I can be helpful for colds and flus by soothing inflamed mucous membranes. Being high in anti-oxidants, I can be useful preventing some chronic diseases. However, it is important to note that in order to access these benefits, my berries must be heated or frozen in order for the toxic parasorbic acid to turn into sorbic acid. 

Spiritual properties: The red from my berries was believed to protect against evil spirits in the UK. So I was planted by houses and trees during the height of Celtic civilisation. It was even taboo in Scotland to cut a fellow rowan tree down. In Celtic mythology I represent the tree of life, giver of wisdom, protection and courage. 

Historical context: I love a spot with a view so I'm often found growing on mountains. My nickname is Mountain Ash for this reason. I am native to cooler regions in the northern hemisphere. with the highest diversity in species in Southern Tibet, parts of Western China and the Himalayas

Sustainable treatment: Though My siblings and I have countless benefits to humans medicinally and practically for furniture and in foods. The best job for me is out in nature trapping carbon and providing oxygen. Avoid exploiting my uses and cutting us down. As is we work together, I can live for 200 years. 

Surrounding Siblings

Description: I am a Hornbeam Tree. I have deeply pleated green leaves and sharp edges that make the shape of an oval. I bare fruit and flowers. I make catkin flowers and these help spread my pollen. They are my male and female reproductive organ which makes me a strong independent tree. After pollination, my female catkins bare fruit. they're like a fabulous dress made from thinner oval shaped leaves that curve and flare out into a bell shape. They're commonly known as samaras. These turn brown in winter, but tend to hang on throughout. 

Care instructions: I am tall and strong, and fairly resistant to damage from natural causes. So treat me as you would treat my siblings, with general respect for my presence. I have strong wood so ask first, if you need some of me for art. 

Medicinal properties: You can collaborate with my flowers to make bach flower remedies, they're helpful for tiredness and mental exhaustion. As my leaves are haemostatic, they can be used topically to stop bleeding and heal wounds. additionally, when my leaves are distilled in water, they make an effective eye treatment for issues like conjunctivitis, dry or soreness. or if taken as a tea, I can help fights common colds and congestion. And I provide an alternative relief to paracetamol for menstrual cramps and even assist in its regulation

Spiritual properties: Due to the properties of the hornbeam tree, connecting with it's powers reflect stability, confidence, strong foundations and motivation. It's ability to relieve pain enough to allow the body use it's energy for higher purposes show the hornbeam as a reliable multifaceted companion that is generous  with it's gifts to all creatures it supports.

Historical context: I am native to south of the UK but you can find me everywhere. I've also have indigenous ties around Europe and western Asia. I have been used for practical reason like fire wood or furniture for thousands of years across many communities.

Sustainable treatment: Though I have many skills and I love to share them, I want to continue supporting the birds and bees that rely on me. So please be sparing when you forage from me, and I'll continue supporting you all year round. 

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