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Upcoming Events

  • Aura craft : Pocket Meadows
    15 Apr, 14:00 – 17:30
    London, 21 Roscoe St, London EC1Y 8PT, UK
    Join Founder Cherece Lucina as they lead a session making ‘Pocket Meadow’ balls to brighten up the city!


Welcome to the Create Conscious Community website. Our goal is to support and produce events that make spirituality more accessible, relatable and safe to explore, particularly for people of the global majority ( Black, Indigenous, Asian etc) and those facing extreme oppression through different intersectional experiences. 

As we believe that spirituality is whatever it means to you, we strive to bring mindful thought and awareness to our events and practises. Through our activities we encourage awareness of how these experiences connect us to our energy, community, intuition, creativity, expression, rhythm and more. Allowing people to be the guides of their own spiritual practises and encourage more acceptance for the diverse nature of our ways. 

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